Iodine from eczema

Eczema is a very common skin disease, it can be said, a chronic form of inflammation of the skin layers, which is of a neuro-allergic nature. Is manifested mainly by rash and itching. This disease brings a feeling of discomfort to a person, since manifestations are present on the open parts of the body (legs, hands, face). Eczema proceeds cyclically: it retreats, then becomes aggravated. Eczema and iodine - is it possible to work on eczema with iodine?



  • 1Causes and types of disease
  • 2Treatment with iodine

Causes and types of disease

An eczema is expressed by an itch, similar to an allergic reaction.

But it can arise for other reasons:

  • From a sharp change in temperature in one direction or another.
  • Nervous experiences.
  • If you have a predisposition hereditary.
  • Damage to the skin by mechanical or chemical exposure.

Doctors divide eczema into several types:

  • True. This type of eczema has no clear boundaries, rashes can be varied in shape and size. It is usually located symmetrically on the palms, legs, forearms. Children can get out on the face, chest or pope. Such eczema eventually becomes chronic, at times it disappears, but then comes back.
  • Microbial. It arises from the fact that pathogenic microbes get into the wound, the sores. This type is characterized by foci of lesions with clear boundaries of exfoliating skin.
  • Seborrheic. Originates in the folds of the hands, head, legs, behind the ears. At first glance, they look like peeling crusts, but under them are wet sores. In different parts of the body, you begin to detect pale pink spots with a yellow tint, their boundaries are clearly delineated.
  • Atopic. It is peculiar to people with very dry skin.
  • Professional. Appears from the constant exposure of chemicals to unprotected areas of the human skin when working with them.

Treatment with iodine

People suffering from wet dermatosis, worried about the question: "How effective is the use of iodine tincture in the treatment disease? "Judge for yourself, alcohol solution of iodine will not only dry up sores, but also protect them from infections and suppuration.

But with eczema, treating the skin with iodine is not entirely safe.

Despite the fact that it is an excellent antiseptic and has an anti-inflammatory property, iodine is aggressive to the epidermis.

In this regard, if you treat eczema with iodine all the time, you can burn your skin.

You can use folk methods of treating eczema with iodine:

  1. Take pure gasoline of 100 g mix with an iodine of 30 mg. With such a composition, wipe with a cotton swab or disk the location of eczema, wash these areas and towel dry before use. Repeat these procedures for a week each day.
  2. Bath with tea. To do this, it is necessary to brew black tea in a basin, pour into it a tablespoon of salt and drop 5 drops of iodine. Allow it to cool to 50 ° C. Then put your hands or feet in it, hold them in this bath for 30 minutes. Dry without using towels, then put on gloves or socks. These procedures, repeat at bedtime every day for 7 days.

We wish you health.


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